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Soma Treatment and Carisoprodol Rehab

Soma, a brand name for the popular muscle relaxer drug Carisoprodol, can be dangerous when used incorrectly or when it is intentionally abused. The users  may find they are addicted to this habit-forming drug. Fortunately there are Soma treatment and rehab options available for those who need to find a way to battle a Soma addiction. Keep reading to find out more about which Soma treatment and rehab options are best for you, or anyone you may know struggling with an addiction to this medication.

What is Soma and Why is it Addictive?


Soma is the brand name for the generic drug carisoprodol, which is used to treat chronic or severe musculoskeletal injuries and pains. Carisoprodol and Soma work a little differently than many other muscle relaxers in that Soma works by blocking pain sensations in the body’s nerves and the brain through the body’s central nervous system. This is similar to the way an opioid medication works. While effective, it is also the reason Soma can become habit forming just like an opioid medication that is abused or taken incorrectly or given to someone with a history of abuse and drug addiction.

Soma’s active metabolite meprobamate is a schedule IV controlled substance because it is the part of the drug that causes habit-forming tendencies for those who may abuse the drug. It is against the law to share Soma with anyone who has not been prescribed the drug just like it is illegal to purchase the drug without a prescription. However because many physicians continue to prescribe Soma as an effective muscle relaxer medication, it is widely circulated in illegal drug communities – particularly online.

Soma Treatment:

Before starting a treatment program, it is important to determine if you are actually addicted to Soma or not. Consulting with a healthcare professional can help you determine your addiction level and the best way to resolve the addiction. For example, many doctors will advise slowly weaning from the drug. Stopping cold turkey can provide the patient with a variety of health issues ranging from uncomfortable to dangerous.

One medical study reported a user, who had been abusing Soma for months with prior drug abuse history, found she had difficulty operating normally unless she’d taken Soma. Her muscles, of which she had no medical problems with before starting to take the drug illegally, began seizing up and experiencing an immense amount of pain if she didn’t take Soma in some amount.

To help avoid withdrawal symptoms following a Soma detox, your healthcare professional can help taper down doses slowly and find the best treatment program for you depending on your level and type of addiction. Because there are many mental health issues that can cause the beginning of a drug addiction, treatment for narcotic addictions often include rehabilitation efforts toward those other issues.

For example, a person struggling with on-going depression might decide to self medicate. In doing this they might turn to abusing a drug like Soma, which reportedly can make users feel “giddy.” In doing this, they haven’t actually treated the initial problem of depression, even if they can get their body to cope with the physical dependency part of the addiction following detox. This is when rehab options become vitally important to those who might be struggling with Soma addiction.

Soma Rehab Options:

  • Outpatient treatment: for some, meeting regularly with a physician, psychologist/therapist and attending drug addiction support groups can be enough to help get them through both the physical and mental hurdles of a drug addiction.
  • Inpatient treatment: however, others might need a more intensive and daily rehab center type of environment to help them overcome their addiction to a drug like Soma. They may benefit better from being immersed in a healing environment like a rehab center for a given period of time. Inpatient drug treatment can range from just a few weeks to a few months of intensive drug addiction therapy and recovery.

You might be thinking you can’t afford a rehabilitation center style recovery option, but there are different types available and depending on your health insurance, some locations might be covered by insurance. If you or someone you know is addicted to Soma, reach out for help now. Finding the best treatment and rehab options available can be life changing.


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