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What are the warning signs of drug abuse? How can I prevent drug abuse in a loved one? What are the risk factors for drug addiction? In this section we will answer these questions and provide drug abuse statistics, facts about teens and drugs, and look at characteristics of addictive personalities. Learn more about drug addiction basics in these informative articles.

Drug Addiction Information

Drug abuse statistics show, drug addiction is effecting millions of people in the United States. This article contains information and tips on how to handle

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Addictive Personalities

Does your personality make you prone to addiction? Can you recognize the signs of an addictive personality? This article will help you understand more about

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Addiction Risk Factors

Could you be at risk for addiction? Do you know someone who is at risk of drug addiction? Understanding the risk factors for drug abuse,

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Drug Abuse Prevention

Drug abuse prevention is beneficial to our entire society. Preventing substance abuse must start at an early age to educate teens and children on the

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Teens and Drugs

Teens and drugs are a dangerous combination. Substance abuse among teens, including drug use and alcohol use, continues to increase. This article contains statistics on

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Drug Abuse Statistics

Knowing the statistics on drug abuse can help reduce substance abuse, prevent drug use, and encourage drug treatment. This article contains drug abuse statistics, alcohol

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