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Category Archives: LSD and Hallucinogens

LSD is a powerful hallucinogen, learn more about LSD history and other names for LSD. These articles also look at some LSD statistics and usage, as well as the side effects of LSD use and what LSD withdrawal looks like. Get information on LSD treatment options here. We will also cover some basics of other hallucinogens like Mescaline and Magic Mushrooms.

Magic Mushrooms

Magic mushrooms is a slang term to describe a hallucinogenic mushroom or shroom as they are also sometimes referred to. There are many type of

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Mescaline is a hallucinogenic drug. This article has information on where mescaline comes from, mescaline history, effects of mescaline use, mental health problems stemming from

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LSD Withdrawal and Treatment

This article contains information on LSD withdrawal and treatment. Keep reading to learn the symptoms of LSD withdrawal, the treatment of LSD addiction, the treatment

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LSD Usage, Statistics, Effects

This article contains information on how LSD is used, the statistics of LSD usage, and the effects of LSD are discussed in this article. By

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LSD Names

LSD effects not only the brain but other parts of the body as well. This article contains information on the warning signs of LSD use,

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LSD History

Lysergic acid diethylamide, known as LSD, is the most potent of the hallucinogens. This article contains information on LSD effects, LSD trips (or acid

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