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We strive to help anyone struggling with a drug addiction or alcohol abuse problem. We also offer resources for spouses, family members, children, or partners of those individuals who suffer from an addiction.


Drug Rehab 101 has resources for those looking for info about addiction, the treatment process, & aftercare options. We also offer a hotline & our addiction specialists can help find appropriate rehabilitation facilities.

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Drug Treatment Options

At the conclusion of any drug treatment you hope that the addiction is beaten. However, sometimes drug treatment helps those addicted reduce drug abuse and

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Alcohol Stats and Effects

This alcohol stats and effects article has information on the statistics of alcohol use and abuse and the effects drinking alcohol has on the alcoholic

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Painkillers Signs and Names

This pain killers signs and names article contains warning signs and names associated with pain killer abuse. Pain killers are addictive. You will also find

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Meth Withdrawal and Treatment

Meth is very addictive. Meth withdrawal symptoms can be very difficult. Keep reading for help with meth withdrawal and treatment. This article contains information on

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Heroin History

Heroin is an addictive drug, and heroin addiction is a serious problem in America. This article contains information on heroin history, founders of heroin, heroin

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Marijuana Effects

Many think that marijuana is a "harmless" drug. But, marijuana users experience many side effects. Keep reading to find out how marijuana effects the body

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About Drug Rehabilitation

Before Treatment

With roughly 23.5 million Americans reportedly addicted to some kind of illegal drug, narcotic or alcohol, it is clear why ...

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During Treatment

If you or someone you know is facing the tumultuous task of overcoming a drug addiction, it is helpful to ...

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After Treatment

If you or someone you know is heading toward a drug recovery treatment program, or perhaps is currently going through ...

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