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Dilaudid Treatment & Rehab

For those suffering with an addiction to a narcotic pain reliever like Dilaudid, finding the best treatment and rehab options can be life saving. Dilaudid is a powerful pain reliever and can cause the user to become addicted to the drug in as little as two to three weeks, and those who purposefully abuse the drug can see the warning signs of Dilaudid addiction come even sooner. Keep reading to find out more about Dilaudid treatment and rehab options.



Dilaudid Uses and Purposes:

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Dilaudid is the brand name of the drug Hydromorphone, which belongs to the narcotic analgesic family of medicine. It is an opioid-based pain killer that is used to help patients suffering from a moderate to severe level of pain. It is eight times stronger than Morphine, which is why it can be used to treat patients who need higher levels of pain management. However, its high strength is also why the drug is subject to abuse by patients as well as those on the street looking for a quick high. Because of it’s high potency, it is also a dangerous drug to abuse and can cause severe repercussions like overdose and death in the user. This is a risk seen with many opioid drugs including the street-popular Heroin.

Hydromorphone works by changing the receptors on the individual’s central nervous system, so that pain does not have the same effect. Because of its impact on the CNS, it can be habit forming – developing both physical and mental dependencies in some individuals. Dilaudid is only available legally through a doctor’s prescription.

Dilaudid Treatment Options:

There are a variety of options available for those struggling with an opioid addiction or specifically, an addiction to Dilaudid. If you or someone you know is struggling with an addiction to this drug, it is important to notify your doctor or medical professional right away to begin a treatment plan. It is easy to overdose on opioids and the results of an overdose are often deadly. Nearly 30,000 people in the United States alone died from an overdose to an opioid in 2014. This is the highest number on record.

Fortunately, there are Dilaudid treatment options available for various levels of severity of the addiction. Treatment options include:

  • Prescription for Naloxone – this is a narcan nasal spray that can be used to help reverse the effects of an overdose from heroin or other opioid medications like Dilaudid.
  • Outpatient treatment care – this is a common source of help in dealing with addiction for many types of addicts. Those struggling with a Dilaudid addiction can find help in an out-patient treatment program. Outpatient care entails several points of treatment including supervised medical care by a physician who will monitor weaning of the drug, withdrawal symptoms and more. The outpatient experience may also include the patient working with a therapist or psychiatrist who can assist the patient in coping with the mental side of the addition as well as helping the patient learn to cope with issues that might have contributed to the addiction in the first place.
  • Inpatient treatment care – Like outpatient, the individual struggling with addiction will be supervised by a physician, and likely a therapist, on their overall treatment. Unlike outpatient care, the individual will reside at the rehabilitation facility for an extended amount of time while they work on weaning from the drug, coping with the withdrawal and working on the road to recovery.

Dilaudid Rehab: What to Expect

Further exploring the inpatient treatment options for someone dealing with an addiction to Dilaudid, let’s look at what someone can expect when going into such a treatment facility.

First, let’s establish whether or not Dilaudid rehab is the best option. If you or someone you know is struggling with an addiction and it is impacting your life in anyway, it is time to talk to a medical professional about treatment options. While rehab isn’t for everyone and not every level of addiction needs an inpatient rehab option to cure the addiction, for many, it can save lives.

One large benefit about choosing a Dilaudid rehab program is being under a qualified medical supervisor while being weaned from Dilaudid and going through painful withdrawal symptoms and potentially experiencing other dangerous side effects.

However, for some, rehab can be expensive. It may be difficult to take time away from family or work, but there are rehab options available for those that need financial assistance in order to attend. Do not let cost dissuade you from getting the help you need to fight a Dilaudid addiction.


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